Auraniq by Yogita Herbal truly follows Ayurveda principles to nourish the body with mother nature herbs. Our skin care products are absolutely cruelty-free, environment-friendly, and holistically formulated with herbs from mother earth to soothe & revitalize the most sensitive skin having possessed natural restorative and regenerative ingredients that go deep beyond the skin’s surface to nourish the natural glow to dry and oily skins.

Hair Tonics

Having proven effectiveness based upon Ayurveda craft our hair tonics are infused with essential herbs that provide nutrients to natural oils which help in the regeneration of hair follicles, conditioning of scalp, and restricting hair fall.

Skin Soothers

Our skin Care Products provided by Luxuriant Legacy & Treasure of Ayurveda, have a richness of natural herbs that are truly classic that provides intimate Personal Care, Our skin care products have aromatic ingredients that arouse goodness of natural aroma to provide not only day-long freshness, increase blood flow and comfort but also generate self-confidence and positivity. The vital vitamins and cleansing agents take care of critical elements of the skin reducing pigmentation and blemishes to nutrify it and to make it luminous, smooth, refined, and clear.


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